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Lucy O'Donnell One of my earliest childhood memories was taking the scissors to my Barbie dolls hair. So I guess you could say my first styling experience begun at an early age. At the age of 6 I had already voiced to my family I wanted to do hair when I grew up.

But really, my first actual experience in a salon was when I was 14 years old. Unlike most other girls at that age, dedicating time to work and training was far more appealing than other social activities most girls my age were interested in. It was clear then, I had already developed a strong passion for the industry and one that I intended to follow.

I think my true colours started to show when I was given the opportunity to complete my core training at Oscar Oscar Salon in Paddington, Sydney. Trained by highly meticulous cutters, I feel lucky to have worked alongside professionals who are truly masters of their craft, so early in my career. I attribute much of my success and my attention to detail to this training.

In recent years I’ve found a new passion for not only styling hair but also all things in the hair/beauty and fashion industry. This led me to an internship at Madison Magazine and PRIMPED, where I have been able to gain new experience for my latest endeavor- writing/blogging.

I absolutely love being immersed in this world. Seeing people transform, not only through styling their hair, but giving them a newfound confidence is so rewarding. I know people often brand the industry as somewhat superficial but I have to say, there is something inexplicably special about the mood lift a fresh blow dry can give a woman. Or the effect a bright lip can have in seasonal depression…

So I guess that brings me to where I am today. When my hands are free of hair, my head is usually buried in Vogue or researching new products/trends from many international sources, so it made sense to start this blog and share my findings with other fellow lovers of all things hair and beauty, or those who need a little direction on doing their own hair and makeup at home.

Dedicated to all things beauty this blog will be a canvas for me to share my loves, tips and tricks; from my inside thoughts on the latest trends, to new products you must try, and how to’s. I hope this will be the place where you too can escape to be immersed in the beauty world.

Lucy x


With 10 years in the industry. Lucy has gained experience in several fashion shows, styling hair for Rosemount Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Channel Seven’s X Factor, editorials and a number of events and weddings. Over the years she has built an impressive repertoire of clientele. She has worked with many models, TV personalities and musicians.